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Intersectional Group was founded in 2022 by Zhou Fang, our Principal Practitioner.

We pair our practitioners’ expertise and lived experiences with the approaches of intersectionality, empathy, compassion, and curiosity. This makes our leadership, equity, diversity, and inclusion practice personal - our practitioners represent historically marginalized groups which enables us to bring an intimate, lived perspective to our work. Our focus on intersectionality enables our clients, both individuals and organizations, to understand their challenges with more clarity and address the root causes of issues that prevent equity.



As a Leadership, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) practitioner, communicator, leader, public speaker, and advocate, I bring myself in as a trusted partner, I lean on my multilingual and multicultural background to help leaders and teams navigate the complex and layered Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion space.

As a Chinese immigrant living in the U.S., I felt strange about some of my experiences. For example, Chinese students are often assumed to be in STEM and are always seen as the “Model Minority”, while the struggles of those of Asian descent are seldom acknowledged or discussed. Why is that? Other questions crossed my mind, too: Why are Black and Latinx folx rarely seen as engineers or architects? Why didn't I come across more Indigenous folx in my academic path? As I explored these questions and my own lived experiences – navigating immigration, experiencing micro and blatant aggressions, feeling perpetually siloed into identities based on others’ biases instead of being seen for my displayed capabilities – it was clear that a lack of equity, diversity, and inclusion impacted me and many others. It was also clear that to speak about these issues was not enough – actions led by an understanding of intersectionality can drive meaningful changes for individuals, communities, and organizations. From this, Intersectional Group was born.

Outside of my work, I am a proud dog and plant parent, a comedy and horror movie enthusiast, appreciate great food, and love to travel. I also volunteer actively and am an advocate for the environment.

Community Work

I am the Chair of Policy Committee at Women’s Foundation of Oregon, focusing on policy making and advocacy. I am also an event facilitator and moderator.


I write about China, immigration, mental health, stop-asian-hate, pay equity, intersectionality and other pressing topics. I also host a podcast, The Intersection.


I am an EDI director of PHRMA, a voting member of Jade District Committee, and a regular speaker for PDXWIT. I also occasionally help The Immigrant Story with their special events.



Interested in joining our team?

We're always seeking new people and organizations to collaborate with. If this resonates with you, please share your ideas about how we could work together.

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