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Anti-Racism & White Identity Conversations

Conversations supporting white people better understand and navigate the complexities of anti-racism and white identity

These ongoing (monthly) conversations are primarily created to support white people better understand and navigate the complexities of white identity and anti-racism as a way to build inner resilience. They are designed to create a safe and open space for you to be curious, engage in meaningful dialogue, share personal experiences, and gain knowledge and insights.

All people and organizations want to be resilient to the inevitable small or large changes that we face every day. Research has shown that people and organizations that are able to adapt experience less stress and are more likely to be successful. As such, inner resilience and the ability to adapt are more sought after skills than ever.

For an organizational culture to be resilient requires a commitment to collaborate through open and honest communication. Behavior change is required to create the psychological safety and feelings of belonging necessary for transformation. A focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion provides the most holistic approach to behavior change, both in ourselves and the cultures we represent.

During these conversations you can expect to learn about: the history and impact of systemic racism on historically marginalized communities, intersectionality, the concept of white privilege, how it intersects with power, equity, and inclusion, and how implicit biases and microaggressions can contribute to perpetuating racism.

The ultimate goal of these conversations is to help you become a better ally and advocate for anti-racism and work towards creating more equitable and inclusive spaces in your personal and professional lives.

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