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Introducing: The Intersection

The Intersection (presented by the Intersectional Group) is a podcast program about intersectionality, identity, personal journeys, and more. Host Zhou Fang, along with guest hosts and show guests, share about the paths and stories that led to who they are today.

New Episode: A deep and hilarious conversation with Day Bibb, Founder and CEO of Helen Rose Skincare. In this lighthearted, funny, yet deep conversation with Day Bibb, Founder and CEO of Helen Rose Skincare, Zhou and guest host Rihana Mungin learn about skincare for extremely sensitive skin, Black women in business (where is the funding y'all!?), self-love and mental wellness, money (honey), and more. Visit Helen Rose Skincare: Follow them on Instagram:

Intro Clip: The Intersection. "Hello everyone, your host Zhou Fang here. I am excited to announce that our podcast program has a new identity: The Intersection, presented by Intersectional Group. The new program will continue to explore our collective journey on intersectionality, identity, and growth. We talk to folks who have a story to tell and wisdom to share... Please subscribe, stay up to date, and leave a review. On to The Intersection. Thank you."

General note: check out The Intersection (presented by Intersectional Group) below, scroll in the "Spotify for Podcasters" window to listen to the episodes. (all previous episodes can be found under the same program)

You can also go to the direct link: The Intersection presented by Intersectional Group (support most podcast apps and platforms)


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